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You can get money for your phone if you sell it. Trusted businesses compete to pay more for old phones in any condition, ensuring that you receive the best deal with no risk and prompt payment. You might question if earlier phone models are still in high demand, given that newer cell phones come with touchscreens and wireless capabilities.

i buy phones

By finding a loving new home for your used gadget, we hope to keep the toxins in phones out of the environment and promote a greener planet for future generations. Used cell phones and devices are available for purchase and sale. You may either sell your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, or other cell phone for cash, or you can buy secondhand iPhones, iPads, and other cell phones.

There are a number of other great smartphones with eye-catching features, such as Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has a foldable screen. These can be quite expensive, but if your cash doesn't stretch that far, worry not. More and more affordable phones, such as the new Pixel 6A, pack great specs, high-speed 5G connectivity and more-approachable prices.

Most of the phones below are available unlocked and should be compatible with the big four US wireless carriers, unless otherwise specified. Many of the best phones of 2022 remain available below, but we review and update this list regularly and will keep you posted as we test new models in the year ahead. For more info, read our guide to help find the best phone for your needs and take a look at our tips on how to buy a new Apple iPhone or Android phone and where to snag the best phone deals.

The Galaxy S23 is a lot, but in a good way. It's more than most people need in a phone, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Samsung made improvements to the camera's resolution (200 megapixels compared to 108 megapixels), color tones and dynamic range, while retaining the same edgy design and massive 6.8-inch screen as its predecessor. There's also a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that's been optimized specifically for Samsung's phones, which brings faster performance compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Android fans looking for a petite phone don't have much to choose from. But the 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 provides a compelling option for those who want a phone that feels compact but still provides enough screen space. The Galaxy S23 comes with routine upgrades like a fresh processor (a version of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that's been optimized for Samsung's phones), a slightly new design and a higher-resolution selfie camera. But it's the Galaxy S23's larger battery that makes it worth recommending. Read our full review of the Galaxy S23.

The Pixel 7 costs significantly less than the Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14, but nails the basics extremely well for a phone of its price. You'll also get extra features that are specific to Google phones, like the ability to have the Google Assistant wait on hold for you.

Apple's 2022 iPhone SE may not have the incredible multiple cameras of the top-end iPhone 13 Pro, but the iPhone SE has a lot to offer if you're looking for a great experience without spending flagship levels of cash. It's 5G-enabled, for one, it runs the latest iOS 15 software and it packs the same A15 Bionic processor found in Apple's top phones. As a result, performance is lightning-fast.

All of today's phones pack some kind of camera setup on the back, with most packing multiple ones offering things like ultra-wide views or telephoto zooms. Even a budget-focused phone should be able to take a well-exposed image in good light, using HDR techniques to balance bright skies and shadowy areas.

More expensive phones like the iPhone 14 Pro will use larger image sensors, better-quality lenses and image stabilization that let in more light, capturing highly detailed images with beautiful colors -- in daylight and at night. Then there are phones like Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra, which packs a huge 10x optical zoom lens that lets you zoom in close on far-away details without sacrificing image quality.

Typically, the more you pay, the better quality you'll get, with the most advanced features being reserved for the most expensive flagships. But unless you're a committed photographer, then most recent smartphones will be able to take good-enough shots of your kids at the beach to share with family and friends, so don't think you need to spend a fortune to get a usable camera.

Battery life has always been a difficult topic in smartphones. As phones get more powerful they get more power-hungry, but keeping them slim enough to slide into a pocket means little room for a battery. Long gone are the days of getting a month out of a single charge.

Most of today's smartphones -- even those at the top end -- should usually be able to deliver a full day of mixed use out of a charge. That means you should have a bit of juice left at the end of your day, but you should expect to give it a full charge when you plug it in next to your bed at night.

Phone storage has increased over time as our phones have to store much more data-heavy things these days. Apps and games use higher-resolution graphics or other modern features that mean they have to take up more room on your phone. It's common for graphically intense games to take up several gigabytes of space, which is huge when you consider the first-generation iPhone came with a base 4GB of storage.

Most phones tend to come with a minimum of 128GB of storage, which is a good amount for apps, games and locally stored music. But it's important to think about what you'll be doing with your phone. If you want to download and play a lot of games, then consider opting for a higher-capacity version.

Pretty much every phone you can buy today is a smartphone. Smartphones let you do more than just make calls; they connect to the internet for web browsing, you can download apps and games, and they typically have cameras capable of taking -- and displaying -- photos and videos. In short, they're just what we know of today as a "phone," and everything on this list qualifies as a smartphone.

They're worlds apart from the older-style "feature" phones like the original Nokia 3210, although even those have been updated with "smart" functions. And it is still possible to buy extremely basic feature phones, with physical buttons and no internet connectivity, although these are much more niche and far fewer companies still make them.

Gazelle is a leading provider of quality refurbished cell phones. We carry phones from fan-favorite, market-leading brands like Apple, Samsung and LG. Shop online today and discover how we can help you find your next handset.

Though it may feel like new is always better, with cell phones, that isn't the case. Pre-owned phones have much more to offer besides their affordable prices. Most of the time, they have a lot of life left in them when people move on to a new model.

We buy and refurbish secondhand phones so you have an easy way to be friendly to your wallet and the environment. Refurbished cell phones are an eco-friendly, risk-free way to enjoy the latest smartphone models from your favorite device brands while staying on budget.

Choose your pre-owned cell phones based on your budget, preferred carrier, brand or device model and cosmetic condition. Whatever your needs in a cell phone, we're confident we'll have a quality, Gazelle Certified refurbished phone for you.

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a. Buy now, pay later with OptusPay: With Optus, buying that latest phone does not mean burning a hole in your pocket. You can buy mobile phones on an eligible plan for 12, 24 or 36 months and pay in interest free instalments.

There are lots of brands offering great mobile phones in a variety of colours and models. With Optus you can buy the latest mobile phones from brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, ZTE and Motorola.

There are many definitions of \"best\" when it comes to a camera. Many of the recently released phones we have at Optus have a triple camera system, which helps get new and unique angles for your shots. The recently released Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a 200MP wide angle camera lens. You can look at the following mobile phones for some great camera features:

There are many different standards of water resistance and different phones may be tested to different standards. You should always read the disclaimers to find out the specific features of your mobile device.

Optus offers a range of Android phones from brands like Samsung, Google, Motorola, ZTE and OPPO, available online as well as in store. You can buy your choice of mobile phone on a plan and pay it off in interest free instalments on eligible plans.

Clipper is now available through Apple Pay and Google Pay. For limited time, riders can get a new Clipper card on their phones for free (normally $3). Funds added using Apple Pay and Google Pay are immediately available for use.

As of October 2022, new plastic Clipper cards are in limited supply at SFO station due to global supply chain issues. BART is primarily selling paper tickets from the vending machines. However, there are 3 Clipper vendors at SFO. A Station Agent can help direct you. We encourage visitors to plan ahead and add Clipper to their phone in advance of arriving to the station instead of having to wait in lines to buy a paper ticket or Clipper card at the station. Clipper is available for mobile phones through either Apple Pay or Google Pay. Clipper is a regional transit card that can be used on all transit in the Bay Area. If you are going to ride the Cable Car, ferry, or buses, put Clipper on your phone. 041b061a72


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