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Bhavnao Ko Samjho: The ultimate comedy movie to watch online or download in 3gp

Bhavnao Ko Samjho 3gp download full movie

If you are looking for a comedy movie that will make you laugh out loud, then you should check out Bhavnao Ko Samjho, a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Sunil Pal. This movie features a star-studded cast of comedians, including Raju Shrivastava, Sunil Pal, Johnny Lever, Kapil Sharma, Ehsaan Qureshi, Dinesh Hingoo, Gurpreet Kuggi, Navin Prabhakar, Chandan Prabhakar, Parag Kansara, Rajiv Thakur, Sambhavna Sheth, Birbal and many more. The movie is about a rich businessman who disowns his alcoholic son and leaves his estate to his grand-niece on the condition that she marries a suitable groom. The son then tries to find a puppet groom who will hand over the estate to him for a fee. This leads to hilarious situations and twists as various suitors try to woo the girl.

Bhavnao Ko Samjho 3gp download full movie

In this article, we will tell you more about Bhavnao Ko Samjho, why you should watch it online, and how you can download it in 3gp format for your mobile devices. So, read on and enjoy!

What is Bhavnao Ko Samjho?

Bhavnao Ko Samjho is a comedy movie that was released on January 15, 2010. It is written and directed by Sunil Pal, who is a famous stand-up comedian and actor. He also plays one of the main roles in the movie as Sunderlal, the alcoholic son of Himmatram (Dinesh Hingoo), a wealthy businessman. The movie also features many other popular comedians who have participated in various comedy shows and contests on television.

Plot summary

The movie begins with Himmatram announcing his will to his family members. He is disappointed with his son Sunderlal, who is addicted to alcohol and gambling. He decides to leave his entire estate to his grand-niece Suman (Sanghmitra), who is an orphan and lives with him. However, there is a catch. The estate will be owned by Suman's future husband, who has to be approved by Himmatram's lawyer.

Sunderlal is shocked and angry by his father's decision. He wants to b70169992d


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