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Descargar Mirall Trencat Pdf Download

Descargar Mirall Trencat Pdf Download

Mirall trencat (Broken Mirror) is a novel by Mercà Rodoreda, published in 1974. It tells the story of three generations of the Valldaura family, an imaginary clan living in Barcelona before the Spanish Civil War. It is a choral work where a series of characters linked by family and personal ties tell us about a city and a time marked by social and political changes.

Descargar Mirall Trencat Pdf Download


If you want to download Mirall trencat in PDF format, you can follow this link[^1^] to access a Google Docs file that contains the prologue of the novel written by Rodoreda herself. You will need a Google account to view and download the file.

Mirall trencat is considered one of Rodoreda's masterpieces and a classic of Catalan literature. It has been translated into several languages and adapted for television and theater. If you are interested in reading more about this novel, you can check out this Goodreads page[^2^] where you can find reviews, ratings and other information.Mirall trencat is divided into 36 chapters, each one narrated by a different character or from a third-person perspective. The novel covers a period of about 50 years, from the end of the 19th century to the 1950s. The main protagonist is Teresa Goday, a young and beautiful woman who marries Salvador Valldaura, a rich and influential businessman. Together they have four children: Ramon, Maria, Sofia and Eladi.

The novel explores the lives and relationships of the Valldaura family and their friends, lovers and enemies. It portrays the social and cultural changes that affect Barcelona and Catalonia during the first half of the 20th century, such as the rise of modernism, anarchism, republicanism and fascism. It also depicts the personal dramas and conflicts of the characters, such as love, betrayal, ambition, madness and death.

Mirall trencat is a novel that reflects Rodoreda's own experience of exile and nostalgia. She wrote it in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived after fleeing from Franco's dictatorship. She used a rich and poetic language that combines realism and symbolism to create a vivid and complex portrait of a society in crisis.One of the most memorable chapters of Mirall trencat is the one titled "La nit de Sant Joan" (The night of Saint John). It is narrated by Sofia, the youngest daughter of Teresa and Salvador. She is a rebellious and free-spirited girl who loves to dance and have fun. She is also in love with Quimet, a handsome and charismatic anarchist who works as a mechanic.

On the night of Saint John, a traditional celebration of the summer solstice, Sofia and Quimet go to a party at the beach with their friends. They dance, drink, sing and enjoy the fireworks. They also make love for the first time in a tent. Sofia feels happy and fulfilled, but also afraid of losing Quimet. She knows he is involved in dangerous activities against the government and the church.

The chapter ends with a dramatic twist. Quimet tells Sofia that he has to leave for a while to do something important. He kisses her goodbye and promises to come back soon. Sofia waits for him in the tent, but he never returns. She later learns that he was killed by the police while trying to bomb a church. e0e6b7cb5c


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