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TOS - New Rank Booster For SA Servers [Torrent] _TOP_

Here you can set the criteria governing which torrents receive first priority. First priority overrides seeding rank, so a torrent with first priority will be seeded until first priority no longer applies.

TOS - New Rank Booster For SA Servers [Torrent]

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Minimum Requirement: At least one P2P server in your region.We Recommend: P2P servers in your country.Some torrenting VPNs allow P2P traffic on their whole network, while others restrict it to special P2P servers.

This means you can end up on a very slow, long distance connection even if your VPN has a large network. Free VPNs are often guilty of this. Longer distance connections will be far too slow for comfortable torrenting and too few P2P servers will result in bottlenecks.

Private Internet Access (PIA) has an enormous server network that supports torrenting, making it easy to P2P file-share from anywhere. With over 35000 servers worldwide, you can always find a nearby connection for top speeds and reliability.

On top of thousands of servers, PIA offers top-tier security and privacy features. Every connection uses AES-256-bit encryption and leak protection, plus a kill switch secures your activity if the VPN is interrupted. I ran multiple leak tests and found PIA kept my torrenting secure and anonymous. 350c69d7ab


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