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[S3E10] Soulmates [UPDATED]

Both Ragnar and Lagertha have had other lovers - in fact, Aslaug was the reason for the end of the couple's marriage. But in the very end, it was obvious that Ragnar and Lagertha never loved anyone else as much as they loved each other. So much they loved each other that they were obviously soulmates as evidenced in so many different scenes.

[S3E10] Soulmates

What defines soulmates? It's probably the eternal nature of this bond between two people, the kind of bond that can't be broken many years after they have met. Season 6, Episode 7 titled "The Ice Maiden" proves just how much Ragnar and Lagertha always meant for each other.

While pretty much every interaction that these two have helps to prove that they are soulmates (as they don't exactly have much in the way of fights or falling outs), there are still some episodes that stick out more than others. 041b061a72


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