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Where to Buy Sand Paintings in Ho Chi Minh: There are many stores that give the option of both custom made and hand made sand paintings. Places to visit in Ho Chi Minh to buy sand paintings are Y Land Sand Painting, Phuong Vy Sand Painting, Van Thien Sa Sand Painting, Parkson Le Thanh Ton Shopping Center, Fahasa Bookstore and Fahasa Xuan Thu Bookstore.

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Handicraft is one of the main reasons for people going on a tour of shopping in Ho Chi Minh city. The city offers a huge variety of handicrafts products to tourists. These products are made by skillful artists. From embroidery, trays and wood-block prints to carpets, ceramics, and vases, there are innumerable handicraft objects that are sold in different stores and markets. The patterns used in crafting handicrafts in Vietnam depict the lifestyle of the locals, especially the ones living in rural areas.

Pioneering the scene of Ho Chi Minh tourism, shopping is undoubtedly the best experience in the city. But it is incomplete if you are not planning to buy the Shell Craft. These are basically decorated objects that can be seen in different patterns. As the name itself suggests, Shell Craft is usually sold on the beach sites in Vietnam. Shell Craft is the craftsmanship of skilled artists who put their time and effort in making this exquisite product.

A beautiful souvenir which can only be found in Vietnam is Bamboo Dragonfly. This could be a small and fun gift for kids. The artificial dragonflies are built of bamboo and are magnificently decorated with different colors. An amazing fact to know about the Bamboo Dragonfly is that it can stand on any surface, even on fingers.

So, what souvenirs and travel gifts are you are planning to bring home from your vacation in Vietnam? Whatever you choose, make sure you must get the above souvenirs at reasonable prices. Also, you can check out our travel checklist for more such travel-specific tips for other countries of Asia.

I left my career in the military to become a full-time traveler, documenting my memories along the way. Kicked off traveling in September 2017 with $4000 in my savings account and first started publishing my journey. Traveling and being able to work wherever I love ( as long as there are Wi-Fi and coffee)

Chi Gan is an unsmoked version of this Red tea. Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong was the tea that Robert Fortune took from the still off-limits-to-foreigners origin of Tong Mu to India and what later became Darjeeling, ending China's monopoly over tea in the late 1800s.

Red tea is wilted, then after the stems have lost enough moisture to snap, the wilted leaves are rolled vigorously to break the membranes sufficiently. This step allows complete oxidation that will facilitate the fermentation later on. Red tea is rolled for the most extended amount of time among all teas, often for over an hour. The rolled leaves are shaken loose and evenly layered into a bamboo basket and then covered with wet clothes to ferment. Greener leaves are picked out in a tedious picking step before baking dry over charcoal ash. Ti Xiang is a baking technique designed to enhance and purify the tea's aroma without altering its original flavor profile. It is usually done at least three weeks after the tea has been baked. It is a tricky step that many opt to skip because, if not done correctly can quickly ruin an otherwise mediocre tea.

Chi Gan showcases the sophisticated sweetness and unique brightness of a high mountain tea. Chi Gan means red and sweet, which speaks truthfully of what the tea is. We taste a bright and tender sweetness of yams and dried Chinese bayberry.

ADA accessible tickets can be purchased online through, in person at the CHI Health Center Omaha box office or over the phone by calling (402) 341-1500. Only ADA orders will be granted over the phone.

The lottery system has been in place since CHI Health Center Omaha first opened to provide the fairest ticket sales process possible to all guests. By removing the incentive for guests to arrive early, the lottery saves guests time and significantly decreases the chance for scalpers to be the first in line. Scalpers have historically paid people to arrive hours before a sale in order to ensure a space at the front of the line.

Thirty minutes before tickets go on sale, each person, over the age of sixteen, in line will be assigned a number. That number will also be put into a box. A CHI Health Center Omaha Team Member will then randomly draw a number from the box.

The person holding that number becomes the first person in line. The remaining guests will fall in line behind according to their number. For example, if number 5 is drawn, the person assigned number 5 becomes the first in line, followed by the persons assigned 6, 7, 8, and so forth. This continues until the highest number originally handed out is reached. After that, the person assigned number 1 will join the line, followed by the remaining people in the order of the numbers they are holding with the person having number 4 becoming the last in line.

Anyone who arrives after the lottery numbers are handed out would join the line behind the last person holding a lottery number.FollowFollowFollowFollowABOUT EMPLOYMENT ADA RFP's NEWSROOM CONTACT

Weasel Coffee is a bit of a controversial subject because of the process. The organic and natural way the coffee was originally used was from the feces of the Civet that used to lay around naturally in coffee farmlands. After discovery that the weasels digestive process left the coffee with a unique taste, it became a sought after delicacy by the rich.

They also have branches found throughout Ho Chi Minh City that will sell their coffee on the shelf for you to purchase. If you are looking to buy a bag to take back with you, we recommend reaching out or visiting the following places to buy your coffee.

Civet coffee is rare and expensive. This leads to a lot of vendors in Vietnam that will try and trick tourists into spending money on fake Weasel Coffee. Our article below gives you all the information you need on where to buy weasel coffee in Ho Chi Minh City.

We know how important security is, so you can place your order with confidence. All of the information you share with us online is encrypted by what is called a Secured Socket Layer, or SSL. You can see this for yourself! You know that a web site has SSL when the URL begins with https:// rather than just Also you will find an icon of a locked padlock. It is usually found near the URL bar, but may be in a different location depending upon your browser.

With state of the art 256-bit SSL technology, your important data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer. Your credit card transaction is handled directly with our processing service; no employee of Theta Chi Official Store ever has access to credit card numbers entered online.

If your item(s) come damaged or incorrect, we want to make it right. Please email us with your name, order number, and a picture to verify, and we'll issue you a return label. We want you to love what you ordered!

Ho Chi Minh City is truly a mecca for shopping enthusiasts! Everything from handicrafts to imitation brand name clothes and shoes is available at a fraction of what it would cost overseas! As tourism has increased over time in Ho Chi Minh City , so has the establishment of trendy boutiques that cater to a tourist crowd looking beyond the typical souvenirs. However, you can find the same treasures in the many shopping areas throughout the city. Our aim of this article is to guide you through your Vietnam trip.

Vietnam is a manufacturing country so imitations of brand name clothes are generally cheaper than the suggested retail price! You can find both high-end brand clothing and mall brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Old Navy and more while shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. Many locals shop for clothing in the stores along Nguyen Trai street or at Saigon Square. Keep in mind that there are 3 locations for Saigon Square (Saigon Square 2 is currently closed) and, oddly, they have the same name! Many people refer to the new location as Saigon Square 3. All 3 locations carry similar items but Saigon Square 3 is cooler and more spacious than the original location. In international terms, Saigon Square is the equivalent of an Outlet Mall shopping experience; but you can bargain! This is a very popular option for tourists and expats alike.

Ho Chi Minh City seems to have a specific street for everything, and shoes are no exception. In fact, the city has two streets dedicated entirely to shoes! As is the case with clothes, you will find great imitations of brand name shoes while shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. Be careful with the quality of these imitations as the heel or main body of the shoe may show wear and tear very quickly. You can find a list of shops selling authentic athletic footwear at the end of the video shown above.

Ly Chinh Thang street is lined with shoe shops which carry shoes in a variety of sizes and styles. The other shoe street, Luu Van Lang is just outside of Ben Thanh Market and one block away from Le Loi street. The shops on this street have more sports shoes and sandals whereas the shops on Ly Chinh Thang street carry more fashion shoes.

If you need to buy luggage to transport your newly purchased goods, visit Le Lai street between New World Hotel and Ben Thanh Market. You will see an entire street of luggage shops with the most well-known brands such as North Face, Samsonite, and more! Alternatively, if you need a fashionable handbag or wallet while shopping in Ho Chi Minh City, visit Saigon Square or Binh Tay Market in Cho Lon. If you plan on using the handbag around the city, make sure the straps are secure enough so that you are not a victim of petty theft.

Vietnamese handicrafts are very unique and intricate. Vietnam is especially famous for lacquerware and coconut dinnerware. Bowls, plates, spoons and chopsticks make great gifts and decoration! You can also find fabulous fabric creations with patchwork and threadwork embroidery. Or, if you prefer wood items, you might like the handcrafted wooden boats and figurines that are often sold at the markets. 041b061a72


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