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Where To Buy Second Hand Electronics

Rumage exists to lighten the load on the planet as well as save you money. For ease we search many sites so you can find second-hand electronics with ease. Our team are building relationships with many more sites who believe, like we do, that second-hand should be the first choice as much as possible. We have other Buyers Guides like this one Buying-a-second-hand-or-refurbished-laptop.

where to buy second hand electronics

Tech is expensive: the latest and greatest laptops cost thousands of dollars, cell phones can easily be upwards of $500, and a good printer could run you a few hundred bucks. Even software is expensive. Buying second-hand is always an option, but is it a good idea?

When buying second-hand, take a close look at the condition of the item that you're buying to make sure that it doesn't look like it's going to fail in the near future. Buying second-hand from a retailer will likely get you a limited warranty, which could figure into your decision-making process.

However, saving several hundred to several thousand dollars over the course of a couple years can make a huge difference in your budget. And if you're saving up for something big, making a couple second-hand purchases could save you enough money to make that big purchase. There's always a slight risk when you're buying used gear, but if you carefully think about your needs, wants, and financial situation, you can make a smart decision.

Buying refurbished or second hand is a good way to help reduce waste generated by the fast upgrade cycle for new products. There are plenty of refurbished tech products on the market, but identifying a functioning device with a decent battery life, sold through a secure site can seem like a surprising struggle.

With pressure to upgrade your devices frequently, many of these devices are thrown away, but they could be reused, bought second hand, or be recycled, but instead many end up in landfill, with human and environmental consequences.

Laptops have a longer lifespan than mobile phones, so you can often opt for an older second hand model. However, the lifespan does vary depending on original cost. On average, the following lifespans apply:

In the UAE alone, the consumer electronics market has grown by 15% in 2021. With the growth of consumer electronics market, we are also experiencing a boom in the secondhand electronics market. For example, between 2016-2020, used smartphone sales grew by a compound annual growth rate of 26% in North America and 20% in Europe. Going forward, for the next five years, the used smartphone market is expected to grow three times faster than the new smartphone market.

In order to tap into the market's potential, we must first understand the reasons for its recent growth. In recent years we have experienced a dramatic shift in mindset towards recommerce and second-hand goods. Recommerce used to be associated with the likes of eBay and thrifting, largely dependent on peer-to-peer platforms to drive growth. However, with the rise of the purpose-driven consumer, we see a mindset shift, which has caused the recommerce-d goods to break into the mainstream market. Particularly for used electronics, recommerce is now mainstream, with major ecommerce and telecom players now selling used devices as well.

Furthermore, secondhand goods are increasingly associated with improving product lifecycle and enhancing sustainability. Shopping in the re-commerce market has grown attractive to consumers as not only is it more sustainable, but a dirham can go much further. They also expect the same from the brands they buy- a whopping 73% of millennial consumers prefer to purchase from sustainable brands. In 2020 alone, 7.7 billion mobile phones were in use worldwide with a carbon footprint of roughly 580 million tones. Not to mention, the growing amount of used electronics that overwhelm our landfills year after year, making e-waste the world's fastest growing waste stream and projected to increase by approximately 30% by 2030.

Given the deep social and environmental cost of producing and using smartphones, the most logical solution is to extend their lifespan for as long as possible. Current estimates place smartphone recycling below 15% in developed countries. Users are hoarding their old electronics, which lose value every hour they spend locked in a drawer. The UAE currently has more than 10 million smartphones in circulation; however, less than 2% are traded in. The secondhand electronics market is an important part of making the tech industry more sustainable. Due to its rapid nature of advancement, it's likely one of the most difficult industries to keep green. That's why consumers and electronic retailers alike are keen to extend product lifespan, and support a more circular economic model.

At Northladder, we are lucky to have spotted the market potential for secondhand electronics retail and become part of this growth. Going forward, we expect the secondhand online market to grow at a rapid pace, for which we are well placed to provide both consumers and retailers with ample support. Since our launch in 2019, we've served over 25,000 customers, and a significant number of them have been in 2021. The UAE is a global hub; there is not just demand for devices in the local market but also in the international market. We serve this rise in demand through our innovative online platform that taps into a network of global bidders, allowing us to deliver 50-60% more value for the sale of used devices. Not only do we enable consumers to sell directly on our platform, but we have also partnered with key electronics retailers across the UAE such as Jumbo Electronics, Emax, iStyle, ECity, Carrefour, and Lulu, to name a few, to enhance their trade-in offering.

Despite many old electronic devices still being fit for purpose, there is often a stigma attached to buying second-hand products. As a result, some manufacturers are still hesitant to invest in reuse schemes because consumers tend to favour the newest device, causing an increasing amount of discarded electronics to end up in landfill well before the end of their useful life.

In fact, the likes of on-line retailer, Amazon, are already promoting used items and selling a variety of refurbished products. Computer firms Dell and Lenovoalready have some schemes in place, and other smartphone manufacturers haveindicated their intention to sell second-hand smartphones in 2017. As a result, we expect developing countries to embrace the used electronics industry like the emerging markets have already.

Buying second-hand electronics is an opportunity to get a good price for the devices you want. You may wonder how you can tell an item is ready to use and whether it will meet your needs. However, with a few tips, buying used electronics can be a stress-free and straightforward process.

While sometimes you need an item by a specific time, if it is something you can wait for, consider when will be the best time to buy. Many electronics, even second-hand ones, will be less expensive after new models are released.

Find the second-hand electronic you've been looking for at Moore Pawn & Furniture. Located in Lincoln, NE, this shop offers an extensive collection of electronics, musical equipment, furniture, and more. For questions about items, call them at (402) 477-5116 or visit their website to learn more.

Buying second-hand electronics can be quite challenging, especially if you are buying them online. The good thing about buying electronics from the Corido Marketplace is that you will see and verify the product before paying for it. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a second-hand electronic.

Location is also another factor you should consider before contacting a seller for a second-hand electronic. Knowing the place will help you arrange for the logistics and how you will get your item. The nearer the seller, the better because you can see/test the product before buying.

This is for your safety. Buying second-hand items online is quite risky. Some items might be stolen, and you end up on the wrong side of the law. The best way to verify that an electronic is from a legit seller is to ask for the original receipt. That will be evidence enough the seller is the owner of the item.

Mercari is a website for second-hand goods in Japan. Old or unused items but the quality is still in extremely good conditions are usually resold. It is the habit of the Japanese. If you want to find a website where electronic products are sold at an affordable price, Mercari is the right place for you. Do you know, electronic products from Japan are always famous for their high quality. Although goods on Mercari are not totally new you can be satisfied with your order. Besides electronics, there are tons of other options for you on this site.

Another big eCommerce website for shopping lovers is Yodobashi. A very famous address in Japan where massive products from different brands await to be picked by customers. Yodobashi sells clothes, toys, books, and electronics and is best known as a leading for the last one on the list. You want to get some equipment for your home, visit Yodobashi and they are there for you.

Yodobashi has a huge distribution system in Japan. You can see hundreds of sale branches of Yodobashi. Televisions, refrigerators, phones, smartphones, or many kinds of electronics are sold there. And quality is not something to be worried about as all the products are manufactured in Japan. In Japan, many people said that, when you ask Japanese where to buy electronics from Japan online, Yodobashi is always mentioned on this list.

How do you see the current market for second-hand electronics? Kerry Chen: This market is different from the markets for pre-owned houses and cars, which have a high market penetration rate. The pre-owned consumer electronics industry started relatively late in China and over the past 10 years it has undergone (and continues to undergo) a process of large-scale specialization, standardization and development from the small, scattered and disorderly condition of the early years. 041b061a72


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