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PowerPlugs: 3D Titles and Transitions - The Ultimate Tools for Engaging Your Audience with Sound and Animation

the powerplugs presentation animation tool is a complete package of animations for powerpoint presentations. the plugin consists of three main components: picture cutout, picture animation, and transitions animation. these tools can be used independently or together. each of these tools has a number of separate components. for example, the picture animation tool has the ability to cut out specific sections of a powerpoint slide. the plugin also has a picture animation component that you can use to add simple animations to your slides, as well as a transition animation component that enables you to add interesting transitions to your presentation.

CrystalGraphics PowerPlugs 3D Titles and Transitions I To VI | checked

it provides video-like transitions, animation paths, and animation loops. powerplugs: transition provides a number of powerful transitions for powerpoint presentations. in addition to offering an extensive library of transitions, the plugin also provides separate tracks for the transition effects and the effects that appear when you apply the transitions. you can also adjust the transition effects in the transition parameters window, which opens automatically when you select the transition.

the powerplugs chart animation tool has a library of animated charts that you can apply to your powerpoint slides. the plugin enables you to make charts appear as the slide progresses. you can also use the chart animation to animate charts that have no powerpoint animation effects.

the powerplugs chart animation tool enables you to add animations to charts in powerpoint. you can animate charts by adding animation to specific chart elements. the plugin also has a number of components for making charts look like they are animated, such as the ability to animate chart titles, set up a timeline for chart animations, and to animate chart backgrounds. the plugin also enables you to add a chart animation to a chart that has no animation effects.


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