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Wild Things 2 YIFY

SPOILERS-MANY OF THEM-THROUGHOUT: Actually with Wild Things Two it is quite easy to come up with your own spoilers while your watching the movie. Just think:what's the craziest, most ridiculous, unexplainable thing that could possibly happen. Then wow!!! It happens.That's pretty much the right way to figure this one out. This is a movie that is best watched when one's really out of it and wants a movie that doesn't strain the brain to much. At least with the first one, though it wasn't exactly Oscar material, it contained enough elements to make it interesting. The problem with this one is it's basically the first one taking itself seriously. It also contains(if you can believe this) double the plot twists of the first one. In fact it has so many plot twists it makes the first one look sweet, sedate and predictable. And actually, this is a great movie to watch if you want to really miss the first one. Because Wild things two actually makes Wild Things ONE look better then it is.I don't mean to totally rag on this movie, it had great location shots-a lot of greenery, trees and such. And the cast did well with what they were given. And it actually holds your interest, in that you might want to actually see how far the movie will go in sheer and utter ridiculous plot twists. But be warned: probably further then you think....I actually guessed the whole movie but as a joke-I really was joking when I said: hey what if this happens. Not that it actually would. Well-it did. I actually wish there was an award to give a movie for this kind of thing, because if there was, Wild Things Two would surely deserve to win.("And the Oscar for most improbable and outlandish goes TO"....). I have never actually been able to predict a movie based on what COULDN'T possibly happen. This was a new experience. So I guess the movie broke new ground in that respect.To sum up-watch it for entertainment purposes, although it certainly isn't good, but, as with a few other not great movies such as Catwoman, there will definitely be some amusement to be had. Just remember: what you absolutely can't believe is really what this movie will give you....that's Wild Things two!

Wild Things 2 YIFY

The original Wild things is a classic. They're not going to ruin that with these non-inventive low budget straight-to-video sequels, it's more embarrassing for the ones involved with it. All the attempts to make it like the first one fall short. The movie has the same twist and turns as the first movie and it's sequel, which is now formulated and makes nothing that happen a surprise.Normally, I would give a point for nudity, but naked boobs is not even enough to make this film appealing.just really crap.

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