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Honey 2

Elevate your recipes with MGO 50+ Multifloral Manuka. Add this superfood to your tea, oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothie. Swap for sugar in recipes and use as a gourmet upgrade from local honey. Try a spoonful as a pre-workout natural energy source.

Honey 2

Specially designed to celebrate our love for honeybees and all things wild and free, the glaze is the result of 5 years of testing to perfect the color match to the honey produced by our honeybees in our tiny apiary. We live at a sub-alpine level so our bees live a very wild and free life, foraging on mountain wildflowers.

Rich Pure Palmetto honey Saw Palmetto Honey is a light to deep amber in color. It is full-bodied, citrusy, and smoky, with woody overtones. You might even taste a little caramel in there. Its boldness and complexity make it a great complement to cooked or cured meats and salty, hard cheeses.

Orange blossom is one of the most famous varietal honeys on the planet. It is a medium bodied, distinctively citrus honey that is outstanding with fruit and chocolate and many teas. Recipes in the recipe section, too.

Harvested from the beehives at our Northern Michigan farm, our Raw Honey retains all the flavors, smells, tastes, and natural essence of the pure honey. We do not heat, process, or overfilter our honey in order to keep the natural goodness of the product and make sure you get honey as nature intended.

Search is over! I stumbled upon this product in a michigan section of Meijer after just buying 2 different raw honey brands at a health store. This took the cake in texture and taste. Beautiful coloring. Hoping to buy bulk. Will there be a nonheated?

I am not usually a big honey fan but my husband is crazy for it. He bought this at our local grocery and now I am a honey fan too!! This raw honey is fantastic for everything from tea sweetening to throat and cough relief during colds. I also have noticed a huge relief from my allergies which I read raw honey can help with for local pollen etc.- and it worked!! Thanks for providing a great product.

Shipping is already included in the price! We will be using a Priority Medium Flat Rate Box which is included in the price to help keep shipping costs down! If you need your honey shipped to a different address than your billing address, please let us know in the order notes section at checkout!

The nucs will contain a new 2023 queen and 5 deep frames. They are NOT overwintered. They are preorder only starting January 1st and you can order them on our website under Products. We also have equipment for the nucs at our Lewisburg location for purchase. For further questions please email or call/text Davey at 570-850-7492.

We took our Raw Urban Honey and made it even better! We slow infuse "Birds Eye" or "Thai" peppers in our honey to make a sweet treat with heat. Sweet Heat honey is great on cheese and charcuterie plates, it spices up a pizza and makes ice cream come alive with flavor. Use it in cooking, stir fry's, marinades, make a sweet and spicy salad dressing. There is so many other food and drinks that pair with this unique flavor. We use local honey to make this delectable and versatile sweet and spicy treat.

Easily extract honey from your hives with the Metal 2 Frame Honey Extractor from Harvest Lane Honey. Designed for optimal efficiency and convenience, this extractor is a must-have for every beekeeper.

Featuring a honey gate with raised legs, this extractor is compatible with our HLH honey bucket and can accommodate both standard deep and medium sized foundations. Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming honey extraction and enjoy a seamless process with our Metal 2 Frame Honey Extractor.

For children 1 year and older: Consider using honey, 2 to 5 mL, as needed. The honey thins the mucus and loosens the cough. (If you do not have honey, you can try corn syrup.) Research has shown that honey is better than store-bought cough syrups at reducing how often coughing happens and how bad coughing is at night. 041b061a72


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