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Prahlada Sthuthi: A Malayalam Prayer to Lord Narasimha

Prahlada Sthuthi: A Malayalam Prayer to Lord Narasimha

Prahlada Sthuthi is a devotional hymn composed by Thunchathu Ezhuthachan, a renowned poet and scholar of Malayalam language. It is based on the episode of Prahlada, a young devotee of Lord Vishnu, who was saved by the Lord's incarnation as Narasimha, the half-man half-lion form, from his tyrannical father Hiranyakashipu.

The prayer consists of 39 verses, in which Prahlada praises the attributes and deeds of Lord Narasimha, expresses his gratitude and devotion to him, and seeks his protection and guidance. The first part of the prayer is in Sanskrit, while the later part is in Malayalam. The prayer is very touching and inspiring, as it reflects the faith and courage of Prahlada, who faced many hardships and dangers for his love of God.

Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam Pdf 39

Prahlada Sthuthi is considered to be a powerful mantra that can bestow victory over enemies, relief from fear of death, and cure from diseases. It is also a source of spiritual wisdom and joy for those who recite or listen to it with devotion. The prayer can be found in PDF format online, along with its meaning and commentary.

Here are some links to download Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam Pdf 39:

  • SoundCloud

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  • StotraSamhita

In this section, we will look at some of the verses from Prahlada Sthuthi and their meanings. The verses are numbered according to the PDF file.

  • Prahlada says that even the gods, sages and perfected beings, who have attained oneness with the supreme reality, cannot worship Lord Narasimha adequately with their words. How then can he, a mere child, please him who is the source of all fear and terror?

  • Prahlada says that wealth, birth, beauty, austerity, learning, power, fame, strength, intelligence and yoga are not the means to worship the Lord. Only devotion can please him, as he showed by accepting the prayers of Gajendra, the elephant king.

  • Prahlada says that he considers a low-born person who has turned away from the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu to be superior to a brahmana who has all the twelve virtues. Because the former can purify himself and his family by dedicating his mind, words and actions to the Lord's service, while the latter cannot.

  • Prahlada says that the Lord is not proud of his own greatness and does not seek respect from ignorant people. He is compassionate and does not accept any honor from anyone. But if anyone offers him honor with devotion, he returns it to him manifold, just as a mirror reflects one's own beauty.

  • Prahlada says that he is fearless of Lord Narasimha's terrifying form, with his fiery eyes, tongue, eyebrows and teeth. He is not afraid of his claws that tore apart his father's chest and his ears that pierced the directions with his roar. He is only afraid of the cycle of birth and death that is caused by his own karma.



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