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Bosnia & Herzegovina U21 vs. France U21 live streaming 13 October 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina, country situated in the western Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The larger region of Bosnia occupies the northern and central parts of the ...

Family and friends play an important role for people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and hospitality is common. People often meet at local coffee shops or cafés, known as kafanes and kafićis. Popular foods include baklava, a type of sweet cake, and stuffed vegetables, both of which have Turkish roots. NATUREAround 40 percent of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered in forest, consisting of oak, pine, and beech trees. Plums, grapes, pears, and apples are common in the country. Bosnia and Herzegovina is abundant in wildlife, which includes bears, wolves, foxes, otters, and falcons. A pilot project in the sustainable collection of wild plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina proved successful in 2009 with the possibility of its use as a model for conservation in other European countries. GOVERNMENT & ECONOMYBosina and Herzegovina is split into two regions that govern themselves independently, each having its own president. As a result of tensions that remain among the country's three main ethnic communities, the president is elected as part of a tripartite presidency, whereby a Bosniak, Serb, and Croat president rotate, each serving eight months. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina's (BiH) turbulent post-socialist transition has been fundamentally shaped by the relationship between religious communities and ... OverviewCountry ContextThe political system in BiH is complex, reflecting the provisions of the country’s constitution developed to end ethnic conflict, as well as subsequent changes to the system introduced under the guidance of the international community through the Office of the High Representative. In July 2015, the Council of Ministers of BiH, Government of Republika Srpska (RS), and Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) adopted a joint program of structural reforms known as the reform agenda. This reform agenda presents a rare window of opportunity for structural reforms in BiH, underpinned by a broad national consensus on the country’s critical challenges and priorities and the sustained support of key development partners. Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Profile - National Geographic KidsMostar is a historic town in Bosnia and Herzegovina along the Neretva River. Mostar is a historic town in Bosnia and Herzegovina along the Neretva River. Photograph by Orhan Çam, DreamstimeBosnia and Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, and has a narrow stretch of land along the Adriatic Sea. GEOGRAPHYPlease be respectful of copyright. Bosnia and Herzegovina - The World Factbook Bosnia and Herzegovina declared sovereignty in October 1991 and independence from the former Yugoslavia on 3 March 1992 after a referendum boycotted by ethnic ... Agriculture plays a major role in Bosnia and Herzegovina's economy, with some 50 percent of the land used to raise livestock or grow crops. Some of the main crops include corn, wheat, cotton, and fruit. HISTORYBosnia and Herzegovina's history extends way back to the time of Roman conquest in the first and second centuries B. C. Later, in the sixth century, the area of Bosnia would become part of the Byzantine Empire. The area of Herzegovina came to being in 1448, joining Bosnia later that century under Turkish rule. The Russo-Turkish War broke out in 1877 and resulted in Bosnia and Herzegovina being placed under the rule of Austria-Hungary the following year. Following World War I and the collapse of Austria-Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina fell into the hands of Serbia. Bosnia and Herzegovina - United States Department of State


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