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Nightwish: End Of An Era Subtitles English

All things considered, Finnish heavy metal hitmakers Nightwish rebounded remarkably well from their traumatic divorce proceedings with lead singer Tarja Turunen, moving relatively quickly, once the dust had settled, to replace her with accomplished Swedish siren Anette Olzon (multiple auditions notwithstanding) before carrying on with their career, as usual, on 2007's Dark Passion Play. Another multi-platinum seller in their homeland, yielding a pair of number one singles, the record was also eagerly embraced by the band's supportive global fan base and led to the most ambitious world tour of Nightwish's career, then, perhaps not surprisingly, 2009's Made in Hong Kong (And Various Other Places) live album. To be clear, though, this was actually a mini-live album, containing just eight in-concert recordings of songs from Dark Passion Play, which were then rounded out with two B-sides and a demo -- also from that same LP. Needless to say, some observers may find it a bit odd that Nightwish would choose not to touch any of their legacy material from the Turunen era here, since, despite having a far less operatic, more traditionally rock-bred voice, Olzon handled those old hits very capably throughout the tour. But if the remaining members of Nightwish have done anything consistently throughout this transition, it's been to look forward, never backwards; so in that sense, the five-piece's meticulous (if not exactly surprise-filled) renditions of new fan favorites such as "Bye Bye Beautiful," "Amaranth," and "The Islander" -- not to mention all 14 minutes of leader Tuomas Holopainen's latest micro-symphony, "The Poet and the Pendulum" -- offer a suitable document of this maiden tour with Olzon out front. As for those aforementioned B-sides, "Escapist" is a hooky power metal anthem that could have easily made the album, and "While Your Lips Are Still Red" is another of bassist Marco Hietala's acoustic folk ditties, after which comes the demo for Dark Passion Play standout "Cadence of Her Last Breath." So with all that in mind, possibly the most enticing feature of Made in Hong Kong is its bonus DVD (for the most part spoken in Finnish with English subtitles), which features all three videos from Dark Passion Play and a penetrating 37-minute tour documentary. In it, fans get the bandmembers' uncensored, very candid thoughts on this crucial new chapter of their career, front-row views of the on-stage and off-stage highs and lows of 150-plus grueling shows, the insecurities of introducing their new singer to Turunen loyalists (although there's finally a quick glimpse of the band rocking through an old staple, "Wishmaster"), and the sort of "boys will be boys" tour bus behavior that led Olzon to demand her own ride, for the sake of sanity and sobriety (drunken Uno, anyone?). In sum, Made in Hong Kong is a perfect post-tour souvenir for devoted Nightwish fans to while away the wait for the band's next studio album.

Nightwish: End of an Era subtitles English

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The series runs on Netflix in the U.S. and concludes with a third and final season, Rated TV-MA for nudity, adult situation, drug use, adult language, and violence. 10 episodes on three discs on Blu-ray, all in Finnish with English subtitles. Highly recommended.

  • There are basically two kinds: The first consists of taking a song in a foreign tongue and adding Mondegreen-style subtitles, pretending the song actually consists of Word Salad Lyrics in whatever language the subtitles are in. (known properly as soramimi and popularly as "Misheard Lyrics")

  • The second is adding subtitles that have nothing to do with the original dialog.

  • Music YouTube user Buffalax does a lot of these, particularly Indian music videos: My loony bun is fine, Benny Lava!

  • In your yard I am teh Ferengi man, very odd and chunky!

  • In fact, Buffalaxing has become an accepted term among YouTubers for Type One Gag Subs. Searching YouTube for 'Buffalaxed' will yield a fifth as many pages as 'Misheard Lyrics'.

  • This version of "Indian Thriller". GIRLY-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

  • The quote comes from the "Indian Nipple Song" dub of the Hindi pop song "Dilbar Dilbar" (the eponymous chorus line became "Nipple Nipple").

  • He also tried his hand at a German song (well, three actually). Hilarity Ensues. Moskau! Moskau! Come and dance and love the fish! Mister Disco summoned it! Ah ha ha ha ha, HEY!

  • A different Gag Sub of the same song done by RandomDCE, though it's far more hilariously nonsensical.

  • Also, JING! JING! Dschinghis Khan! He liked the ho but then he liked the Hindu better!

  • And now a third, lesser one has been found: A gag sub of Dschingis Khan's Samurai

  • A rare example of an English to English mondegreen-style Gag Sub can be found in this video, which translates Alanis Morissette's garbled, almost unintelligible song lyrics into plainer sounding English. Likewise, Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Going Down" has a wide variety of "translations" available on YouTube, and more for their other songs.

  • Also Fall Out Boy's "This ain't a sea, it's a golf-cart arseface!" (Imma little man, I'm also evil, also into cats...also into cats!) "Ted's Pants" (a.k.a. "Dance Dance") and "This Ain't a Scene" as well. Fall Out Boy songs are quite common for this.

  • There's a Fuse commercial that does this with "Dance Dance" as well.

  • There's also an illustrated version of Joe Cocker's Woodstock version of "With A Little Help From My Friends" ("I'm gonna get my Fred! Gonna get my Fred and Wilma!".


  • Given how garbled Pearl Jam gets, there are a few videos with amusing mishearings of their lyrics: 'I said, I don't a whale on a box or a bag!'

  • Similar to the Mondegreen example above, Vance Joy uses the Gag Subs intentionally. The lyric "You're gonna sing the words wrong" becomes "you gone and sank the world's wolf"

  • Reversed versions of otherwise intelligible songs provide lots of fuel for this. For example, this hilariously vulgar sub of "Never Gonna Give You Up" reversed. I boxed a Nintendo Wii.

  • Freezing Cold, And Ants And I Chew Soul. What's interesting here is that the actual song is gibberish in any language. It's an Italian novelty song whose lyrics are an As Long as It Sounds Foreign approximation of English. This gag sub of the same song is just as good.

  • Many of these have been done for Caramelldansen, the original Swedish and the Speedycake Remix.

  • The Japanese band Dir en grey has been subject to this quite a few times.

  • Keys Me, by Alyssa Alano is a video of Filipino actress Alyssa Alano singing Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me" in a very heavy Tagalog accent.

  • One version of "O Fortuna". "This octopus! Let's give him boots! Send him a car, or pizza!" There is also this version that gives the octopus boots and sends it instead to North Korea.

  • There's also a short ytmnd version that turns it into a song about wookiees.

  • Sniper rights! Emo bear rights! Here come the pants off men...

  • Soviet Russia needs an enema. And here's one for French speakers.

  • And the original one, for Swedish speakers

  • There are also several videos with misheard Japanese lyrics to the infamous Dragostea Din Tei, this being one of the more popular ones (at least at the peak of the meme's popularity; it's a bit hard to find these days). In the Spanish-speaking world, said song has been redubbed as a coming-out song due to the mishearing main verses as "fiesta fiesta y pluma pluma gay'' (party, party and gay feathers). Check it here.

  • Aqua's "Barbie Girl", Dutch and Russian versions, have multiple misheard lyrics.

  • Among the ones in Portuguese, there's this using "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?", two for songs off Jaspion, and one starting off the old Mondegreen of hearing "Eyes Without a Face" as "Ajudar o Peixe" ('help the fish').

  • For French-speaking Tropers, there's a Mondegreen of The Best is Yet to Come.

  • When Adam Buxton made an unofficial music video for Guitar Wolf's Gratuitous English cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues", he also added mondegreen captions like "Don't lick it Dad! I'll be a dog in a barrel / You got the sandwiches and therapy and that'll become natural".


  • Fart in the Duck. Another one of the Studio100 series Kabouter Plop's songs that got this trope (next to the infamous Kabouterdans and Lalala, both which were used in animutations). Apparently their songs are just too catchy, and to non-Dutch-speakers, are often a treasure trove of Mondegreens.

  • Magma, the cult progressive rock from France who sing in their own invented language, are naturally subject to this treatment. For a time, an actual performance of "Otis" had fake subtitles added by a viewer as on-screen notes to the Youtube video.

  • "Oh Fortuna" misheard lyrics

  • BYOB by System of a Down receives this treatment as well.

  • "Wo ai Beijing Tiananmen", AKA the Hong Kong '97 song: "While I'm baking, get a nun, get anal some pie, young Chang?"

  • Mark felt a super kick to the testicles!

  • Web Original Common in (f)animutations, who're widely hailed as the spiritual predecessor of Buffalaxing and Misheard Lyrics videos. Examples include French Erotic Film, Earth vs. Funk and Irrational Exuberance. The infamous We Drink Ritalin is a variation on this. It actually is in English, but it's English so heavily accented and nonsensical that it sounds like what's in the subtitles, not what the lines are supposed to be.

  • The opening of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Other Abridged Movie puts hilarious nonsensical subtitles over the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! theme that are different even when parts of the song repeat.

  • The Spanish webmanga author Jesulink does this on videos with opening themes for his series, parodying famous anime theme songs. If you know some Spanish, here's an example (the song is about a college student who has to clean toilets to pay his rent).

  • When Todd in the Shadows had to review Whistle by Flo Rida, another rare English to English version of this happened. "Who in the hell done paid the Rottweiler."



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